Here are some articles on the intellectual, institutional and campaign work we have been involved in.



Eugenics: The Academy’s Complicity

Dr. Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman
“The British invented racism,” said the UK’s first “black female” MP. “Britain…almost invented racism,” said the US’ first “black male” ambassador to the UN. If...



A question of breeding?

Ben Davies
"Put on your 19th century spectacles" was the advice given to UCL's Petrie Museum on Thursday evening, in the last of a series of events...


All Connected? Immigration, politics and eugenics

Ben Stevens
Eugenics remains synonymous with the Nazis and their murderous obsession with an Aryan master race; yet, until the outbreak of the Second World War, it...


Eugenics. What does the word mean? What is its genesis? And more importantly, what is its legacy?

Natalie Clue
I write this post after a whirlwind introduction to the discipline of eugenics and its inextricable connection to our university, upon reading an article written...


Race: confronting myths and deconstructing colonial concepts

Foluso Williams
The August 2011 London riots “were not about race: the perpetrators and the victims were white, black and Asian”. It would seem from Mr Cameron’s...


Conference Report: Critical philosophy of race: here and now

Harpal Singh
Conceived as a political intervention into British philosophy, the aim of the ‘Critical Philosophy of Race: Here and Now’ conference was to bring about a...


Why Isn’t My Professor Black? On Reflection

Leona Nichole Black
Earlier this month, University College London, one of the UK’s elite academies, hosted a public lecture with a panel of academics all responding to the...


Black scholars still experience racism on campus

Jack Grove
Universities are beset by a racist mindset that views black people as “outsiders”, academics have argued. At a public talk titled “Why Isn’t My Professor...


Why isn’t my professor black? – Review from Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development

Neil Current
Last night I attended this excellent, thought-provoking event at UCL. There was a sense of positive energy and a real desire to move things forward....



From Enslavement To Empowerment

Gudrun Rath
The International Day for Reparations Related to Colonialism brings together activists and academics in London On October 12th 2014, the International Day for Reparations Related...


Enriching Public Discourse – Empowering African People

Dr Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman
Project Summary 'We do not see reparations as the answer. Instead, we should concentrate on identifying ways forward, with a focus on the shared global...


The International Day for Reparations Related to “Civilisation”

Dr Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman
It is often said that 'The West' civilised 'The Rest' of the world. We deny this. Europe did not civilise the wider world, it colonised...


[Past Event] The International Day for Reparations Related to “Civilisation”

Dr Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman
12 October 2014 It is often said that 'The West' civilised 'The Rest' of the world. We deny this. Europe did not civilise the wider...


‘Concerning Violence’ and why Franz Fanon matters

Diane Leedham
  The European people must first wake up, shake themselves and stop playing the game of the Sleeping Beauty The dreaming sleep referred to is Europe’s...


Why Isn’t My Professor Black?

Yewande Okuleye, UCL Alumni and Doctoral researcher
Now, that is a loaded question. What do you know – the Elephant in the room is coming into focus. I have spent the last...



Adam Elliott-Cooper
We would like to thank everyone for the thoughtful and detailed feedback on the various projects and campaigns #DTMH have presented so far. We have...



Overview of the Race Equality Charter Mark

Fiona McClement
The Race Equality Charter Mark is being piloted with 30 universities. It was launched by the Equality Challenge Unit in recognition of that fact ‘race’...



Reflections on a #WhiteCurriculum

Zhaleh Boyd
“There’s this idea that monsters don’t have reflections in a mirror. And what I’ve always thought isn’t that monsters don’t have reflections in a mirror....


Why Isn’t My Professor Black? – My Reflections

Yewande Okuleye, UCL Alumni and Doctoral researcher
Although I compiled snippets of the conversation about the ‘Why isn’t my professor black, I have also received quite a number of emails and phone...



MA in “Race”: Difference and Domination

"Race"   Scientific advances have provided us with a wealth of knowledge about human beings, and one of the most important advances relates to “race”...



Reflecting on #DTMH Reading Group: Whiteness, An Introduction by Steve Garner

Valentina Migliarini
I am a white Italian woman, an educator and a doctoral student in ‘race’ and ethnicity in education. Growing up and being educated in a...



Reflections on the Whiteness Reading Group

Jayanthiny Kangatharan
Prior to attending the Reading Group on whiteness, led by Nathaniel Coleman, I had little to no understanding of the concept of whiteness. Although I...


Whiteness: an introduction – Steve Garner Chapter 9 – Racial purity, integration and the idea of home

Annabel Crowley
Why does my voice self-consciously hush when I say “white”? And why do I struggle to identify as a person “of colour”? When I say...



Destination Saturn

tobias c. van Veen
To imagine another system is to extend our participation in the present system. —Michel Foucault I am not a fantasy in a real sense I...


Reflecting on the Reading Group (#DTMH): Whiteness: An Introduction by Steve Garner

Howard Johnson
I am a British born Afro-Caribbean teacher; teaching English and Sociology at GCSE and A Level. Last year my personal reading had led me to...



University of York students launch campaign to challenge lack of diversity in university curriculum

Ciarán Morrissey
A group of students at the University of York have started a campaign to address the lack of diversity within the taught content of British...