Eugenics at UCL: We inherited Galton

On 10 October 1904, Francis Galton wrote to Sir Arthur Rücker (Principal of the University of London) with an offer to fund a study of National Eugenics, which he defined as: ‘the influences that are socially controllable, on which the status of the nation depends. These are of two classes: (1) those which affect the race itself and (2) those which affect its health.’ This date of this event commemorates that letter and takes place in a lecture theatre named after Francis Galton himself.

We are keen for this event to discuss and consider questions around ‘race’ and racial construction posed by the legacy of Eugenics@UCL. Please email us with comments or questions or tweet using #DTMH



Please also note that Galton is the “father” of intelligence testing and laid the ground for racist conceptions of intelligence, IQ, etc!


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