Eugenics at UCL: The Race Scientist

Carole Reeves (UCL Science & Technology Studies) discusses the Haarfarbentafel, an instrument in the Galton Collection.

On 10 October 1904, Francis Galton wrote to Sir Arthur Rücker (Principal of the University of London) with an offer to fund a study of National Eugenics, which he defined as: ‘the influences that are socially controllable, on which the status of the nation depends. These are of two classes: (1) those which affect the race itself and (2) those which affect its health.’ This date of this event commemorates that letter and takes place in a lecture theatre named after Francis Galton himself.

We are keen for this event to discuss and consider questions around race and racial construction posed by the legacy of Eugenics@UCL. Please email us with comments or questions beforehand or tweet before or during the event using #DTMH.

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