Eugenics@UCL: In the #GaltonLectureTheatre

A video summary of the revelatory exploration of Francis Galton’s ‘Eugenics Record Office’ at UCL 110 years to the day when Galton wrote to Sir Arthur Rücker (Principal of the University of London) with an offer to fund academic research into National Eugenics. In this first of three conversations in #DTMH, speakers and the audience were invited to consider how we evaluate the historical memory and, indeed, silence in order to address the challenges of the research constructing unjust racial hierarchies and its legacy in a lecture theatre named after Francis Galton himself.

Convener: Debbie Challis, Public Programmer at the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, UCL author of The Archaeology of Race. The Eugenic Ideas of Francis Galton and Flinders Petrie (2013).

Katy Makin (UCL Special Collections) on ‘The Galton Archive and how it can be used to study eugenics and race construction.’

Lars Fischer (UCL History) on ‘Teaching about Science and Race at UCL’

Lesley Hall (Senior Archivist, Special Collections, Wellcome Library, and Honorary Lecturer in History of Medicine, UCL) on ‘Constructions of Gender and Eugenics’

Vivienne Lo, (UCL History) on ‘Historic and Current Assumptions around Nature and Nurture in educating Chinese students today’

Hugh Goodacre (UCL Economics & University of Westminster) on ‘The economics of Eugenics’

With contributions and discussion from people in the audience present on the night.

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Philippe Verlinden

Yes finally some good and positive news from the platform of education, dismantling the master’s house, and am also fully with the gentlemen [beard] at the end with his comments. How can any institution or educational platform approach learning mind at any stage of our life with false or inexperience concept. This has been my question since early education, it is a crime to
interfere with the mind of a child and a double one when insisting on the youth and adult. Hotep


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