Just 85 Professors (Be the change mix) – Lyrics

There are just 85 black professors out of nearly 20,000 in the UK and this number has barely changed in eight years. That’s 0.4%, which clearly shows a disparity with the proportion of black students. This figure has increased steadily each year and now stands at 6%.

SIGN HERE: http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions…

This petition highlights the need for change. We need to be present in education, in the lecture theatres and in the curriculum. Read the words in this video – we set the context and we make the case for change. We need to do more to create a sense of belonging and have an open dialogue about universities acting as an agent for equality. Change cannot happen without you. We need 100,000 signatures for this statistic to be discussed in parliament.

The project links to a much wider debate on both education and race, but firstly we need the government to review its current educational policies and make a long term plan to address the fact that – there’s just 85 professors in nearly 20,000.

This project is the brainchild of Shanell Johnson, the UK’s first ever full-time Black & Minority Ethnic Students’ Officer (BMESO) University College London.

Production Company: DooFeR Films, London
Directing collective: Amandine Kaya, Georgie Winter, Dom Murgia
Exec Prod: Dom Murgia
Editors: Georgie Winter & Amandine Kaya
Camera team: DOP Caroline Bridges, Julian Zarzo-Lowe, Matt Deeley
1st AD: Jonathan Sidwell
Production asst: Annabel Gammampila
Music design and production: Feri n Dom@Audiotrip, Manchester
Picture grade: Frazer and Danny@ ICP, London
2nd Camera: Giuseppe Iannoni
The runners at UCLU stage crew: Charlotte Holmes, Priyanka Haria, Peter Dawson, Silvia Kannon, Clair Hutson, Barbara Roberts, Adil Qureshi
Photographer: Hubert Libiszewski


Voice Artist: Jason Lamar-Ricketts – Manchester

Spoken Word artist: Belal Amini – UCL Alumni and University of Nottingham

Dauda Barry – Queen Mary University of London
Kayode Damali – Manchester Metropolitan University Students’ Union
Rikki Stein – Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s Manager
Eli Anderson – Master Storyteller, Poet & Narrative Coach
Audrey Ennever – Ennever’s Educational Consultancy
Nia Imara – National Association of Black Supplementary Schools
Jordan Stephen –V-P Manchester Metropolitan University Students Union
Nicole Mitchell – Welfare, Equality and Education Officer at London Metropolitan University
(Najaf) Zahra Hussain – UCL Black Students’ Network
Elaha Walizadeh – Kingston University and Vice Chair of the Afghan Students’ Association UK (ASAUK)
Shaki Obadina – University of Hull
Sofiya Ahmed – Birkbeck Students’ Union and founder of Kashmiri Students’ Campaign UK
Amanda Marillier – Cass Hub Officer – London Metropolitan University
Jeanette Nam – University of Leicester Students’ Union – BAME Officer
Vimbai Dzimwasha – UCL Black Students’ Network
Vanessa Simpungwe – UCL Black Students’ Network
Ebun Sanusi – UCL Black Students’ Network
Maddison Coke – UCL Black Students’ Network
Jason Jackson – London Metropolitan University Students’ Union
Malia Bouattia – NUS Black Students Officer
Azfar Shafi – University of Birmingham – Black & Ethnic Minorities’ Association
Kelechi Chioba – NUS & University of Wolverhampton
Ives Kabayabaya – Founder and President of Kingston University Welcome Back To Africa Society
Mariam Guled – FE Rep NUS London & President West Thames College
Nuzhat Fatima – Women’s Network Loughborough University
John Kelsey – Lecturer @ UCL
Alan Penn – Professor @ UCL

Also, many thanks for your help and support in the development and realisation of this project: Drew@TheLabStudios, London, Silas Zephaniah, the catering and security staff at UCL, ShootHD, London, Amber Management, Manchester, Dr. George Watley, Georgia Adams, Victoria Mabey, Marjory George, Hedley Smyth, Rochelle and last but not least, Nevil.

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