UCLU Black History Month 2014

Hajera Begum: Black History Month is a time where we celebrate the successes and achievements of black people – this includes African, Caribbean, Asian, Arab and anyone who self-defines as BME. At UCLU we’re celebrating Black History Month, looking at the past, present and future. So that’s 10 days looking at the past with tours and talks, 10 days looking at the present where we are right now, and 10 days looking at the future.

Leah Francis: As part of this we have an exhibition, which is currently up in the South Cloisters. It’s looking at people who studied at UCL, alumni, people who have just graduated within in the last twenty years or so, and people teaching here – for example Nathaniel, this really amazing person who teaches the critical philosophy of race.

Dr. Nathanial Adam Tobias Coleman: University College London is facing up to its role in helping to construct unjust racial hierarchy.

Professor Ijeoma Uchegbu: If you adjust the past – adjust it honestly – portray the past honestly, then you are going to have a credible future for talking about change in the future.
Hajera: We’re having a market day today that includes the international food market outside and also includes the beauty market inside. There are loads of BME stalls and businesses selling their products today.

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