Warwick Open Education Series: Why Is My Curriculum White?

‘Why is my Curriculum White?’ examines and unravels the ideologies behind the existence of syllabuses that fail to reflect global experience and thought, and poses the important question of asking what historical mythologies lie behind the entrenchment of a curriculum reflective only of Western perspectives even at “global” universities like Warwick.

‘Why Is My Curriculum White?’ is part of the Dismantling The Master’s House programme at UCL and is being hosted at Warwick as part of the Open Education Series: ”After Talk Must come Action”: Racial Resistance and Remaking’, a collaboration between Warwick’s Modern Records Centre and Warwick SU.

Speakers: Adam Elliott-Cooper and Malia Bouattia

Adam received his undergraduate degree in Politics from the University of Nottingham and his MSc in Globalisation and Development from School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. He has worked as a research assistant to Prof. Andreas Bieler in the field of political economy, as well as a researcher in the Sociology Department at Goldsmith’s University. He is doing his PhD on policing and the black community in Britain at the University of Oxford.

He currently sits on the editorial board of CITY: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action, a peer-reviewed journal based in London. He is also a visiting fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies.

Adam is also part of a team working on ‘Dismantling the Master’s House’ at UCL: http://www.dtmh.ucl.ac.uk/

Malia Bouattia is NUS Black Students’ Officer. In her role as Black Students representative at the NUS National Executive she was part of a campaign which successfully overturned the ban on Muslim niqab at Birmingham Metropolitan College. Along with this she has lent her voice to a movement aiming to stop the deportation of International Students at London Metropolitan University and pushing for the NUS to support justice for Palestine after years of silence.

Malia has founded, established and worked to promote a number of organisations including the Black Women’s Forum UK, the West Midlands Pan-African Students’ Union and the West Midlands Palestine societies Forum.

Aside from the above Malia has led and supported a number of campaigns and causes including Palestinian Prisoners Day, United Families and Friends Campaign International Day of Action Against Police Brutality and Million Women Rise.

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